We’re excited for our members to showcase their AI artistry, but we have some fundamental guidelines to maintain a safe and respectful platform:
  1. Protection of Minors: No content may depict minors in any capacity, even as source material for AI. We are committed to safeguarding minors and will actively collaborate with authorities to prevent and investigate any such content.
  2. Legal Compliance: Ensure all content respects applicable laws, especially copyright, trademark, and personal data protection.
  3. Avoid Harmful Content: Do not produce or upload harmful, defamatory, or malicious content against any individual or group.
  4. Transparency: Clearly label and disclose any usage of AI technology. Misrepresentation is prohibited.
  5. Respect Privacy: Use images or videos of individuals only with their consent or if sourced from public domains.
  6. Authenticity: Do not create or upload misleading content, especially those masquerading as genuine news or events.
  7. No Hate Speech: We strictly prohibit content that endorses hate or discrimination based on any characteristic, including race, gender, religion, and more.
  8. Avoid Graphic Content: Refrain from uploading excessively violent or graphic content, particularly those promoting violence.
  9. Stay Relevant: Ensure your content aligns with our focus on AI art. Spam or unrelated content is not allowed.
  10. Moderation Rights: We reserve the right to remove any content breaching these rules. Repeat offenders may face further action.
  11. Adaptable Rules: To adapt to evolving technology and legal landscapes, we may periodically review and update these rules.
Thank you for being a part of the KANDY.AI community and ensuring it remains a positive space for all members!  
Kandy AI - Genearte AI Porn Stars
Kandy AI is the future of AI generated art. From hyper-realistic renderings to anime style drawings, we train AI on thousands of images of real adult stars and then create artisti renderings from those models.
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