Are you looking for updates from our developers? Then you have come to the right place! If you find a bug on KandyAI.com that you want to submit, please click hereWe’ve been working hard to launch KandyAI.com, and no doubt we’ve had a few things we missed. We’d love your help in tracking down those pesky little bugs.  If you find a bug please help up by reporting it. We will be posting updates as we get them from developers here to keep you all up to date!

Our developers are still working on making "face restoration" faster. For now I want to thank you for letting us know about the issue. I'll let you know when I have a further update about this feature.
Thanks for all the amazing feedback on the blowjob style. We are working on updates for it now. For those asking why blowjob's don't work for everyone the simple answer is, our AI models are based on real people. If the real person has never done a POV blowjob we can't really train our AI on that sex act for that person. Adriana Chechik has done a ton of POV blowjobs, and we were able to license some of those scenes to update her AI model, but someone like Brooke Lee is a UK glamour model who has never done hardcore porn. As such there is nothing to train the AI on so blowjob prompts probably won't work for her.
The Tory Lane model is almost ready to be pushed to the live server. You can expect to see it in the next day.
When you create an image you can add it to a "collection" which is really nothing more than like little filing cabinets to help you organize your generations. However it seems that the button to add it to a collection only apprears on the page when you first create it and not on yor profile page which lists all the images you have created over time. The developers are aware of this issue and I am told they have added it to their list to work on. I don't have an ETA on this fix but I am told it is on the list. 🙂
I love all the feedback we are getting about the site. Keep your messages coming! Every little thing you find wrong we want to know about it.
Our developers are of the issue with "face restore" taking forever to complete. I'm told it's a known issue and is on the list to be fixed hopefully soon. 🙂
Good morning. I know this isn't really a bug per se but we've been getting questions about this. If you use a filter say "Spring Muse" but want mure nudity, you can add things to the promp like "sexy". That always seems to work for me. You don't have to use a filter but if you find you want to, that doesn't mean you can't still add (in the prompt) or remove (in the negative prompt) things you like or don't like.
We have an update about the remix issue. Right now when you find an image you like and click "remix" it doesn't always select the same model. This is so that you can remix the prompt you like with the model you prefer. However many have been asking about this, so we have it on our list to have it default to the original model in the image and if you want to change it when you are remixing the image, you can do that on your own.
For those asking about the face, if you generate an image and it comes out funky, click actions and select "face restoration". This is also where you can upscale the image 2x or 4x larger in size.
Early access is live! We've setup a page to report any bugs you may find.
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Kandy AI is the future of AI generated art. From hyper-realistic renderings to anime style drawings, we train AI on thousands of images of real adult stars and then create artisti renderings from those models.
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