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Kandy AI is the future of AI-generated art. We produce artistic renderings featuring your favorite adult stars.  We bring the power of data science and AI to erotica. It merges passion and technology.

Ever dreamed of generating captivating art with your favorite adult film star? Kandy AI – a breakthrough in AI-powered art creation. For just $25 a month, access a pool of diverse adult entertainers and generate up to 150 unique AI-created photos daily.

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Welcome to Kandy AI! Let me show you how you can create your own porn based in just a few clicks.

Step 1

Create your free account.
It's quick and easy!

Step 2

Once you are logged in, all you have to do is click Create to start the design process. First, pick your favorite porn star from the list, and then if you don't know what you want to do, select from one of our pre-designed templates like "Sexy Cowgirl" or "Earth Spirit," and when you are ready, click generate. 

Step 3

Enjoy your masterpiece or go back and fine-tune it by adding things in the prompt box like blonde hair or red lipstick. Your only limit is your imagination.

Step 4

Upgrade to a paid plan if you want to generate more than a few images.

Kandy AI lets you make your own AI-generated art featuring your favorite porn stars! But just what can you really do with AI?

Breast Size

Hair Style

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Photo Style

Eye color

Important: Our website uses AI-generated content. Although they may be based on real-life porn stars, everything on our site is AI generated! We use our own proprietary model and technology to generate AI models based on real-life porn stars. And while we constantly strive to improve and update it, no technology is perfect. There is a high probability that the desired style or feature may not be generated as selected. This is part of the user experience, and we cannot guarantee that the user will receive the desired outcome of the selected features in the builder. AI generative art is a quicking growing technology and we are working hard to improve our AI models as this technology improves. With time we will improve the builder as much as possible by striving to get better outcomes that fit your every want and desire.

Have questions? We've got answers!

Are you sure? Because using features like Face Restoration or Upscaling an image will consume 1 credit. So if you create 5 images, but use face restore on each of them, that’s actually 10 credits consumed.

People change their looks over time. Besides the fact that they age, they also change things like their hair color and boob size. Some even get butt injections or lip filler. That being said, we can’t account for every tiny change in a porn star’s looks over the span of her career.  We build our AI models based on photos of the porn star in question that we’ve obtained the rights for. If a person gets a boob job or changes her hair, we may not have photos that we’ve obtained rights for based on her new look and that might explain why our model looks different than how the porn star in question looks now.

Sometimes yes. But it really just depends on who you have in mind and if we have enough usable content to train a decent AI model of her. We have content from over 8,000 adult performers, so chances are we have content featuring the girl you have in mind, we might just not have gotten to her yet. So if you have a favorite, and don’t see her on the site yet, just drop us a line and let us know.

Unlike other companies, we legally licensed all of our content libraries from almost 90 different studios. We only work with photos and videos of performers who are over 18 (with a valid ID to prove it) and have legally consented to do the content in the first place (with a valid signed release to prove it). CONSENT IS KEY! With the signed model release and proof that she is over 18, we can use it to train AI to take the content she performed in and make new content. In the original, she might wear a pink shirt, but in our new version, we may put her in a red shirt. That’s only on the very basic level. But the main takeaway here is we only train AI models from performers who have legally consented for us to use the content.

All subscriptions are handled through Patreon. To cancel your subscription to Kandy AI you simply log into Patreon, click Kandy AI, and then cancel.

Yes. We will save all of your images as long as you are a paid subscriber to Kandy AI. Those who are on our free plan should note that images may be deleted every 30 to 60 days.

We are to date the first AI generative art project that uses only legally and ethically sourced datasets.  Every model that appears in our program has consented to the content they created. We have legally licesned a massive collection of adult content from nearly 90 studios. 

We only use source material to train our AI from content that adult performers have contented to be a part of. We have their IDs to prove they are over 18 (which is the law) and that they have signed a valid model release for the content in question. We only work with ethically sourced datasets.

That’s not an easy question to answer. First, we must gather all of our source material for a specific adult performer and match it with the model releases and her ID (to meet federal regulations). Then we basically just do a rough count to ensure we have enough of the right type of images to use in the first place. We needed anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 of the right kind of images per girl to give a decent AI model a try. We must hand sort and edit every one of those images to be a certain size. If the model in question isn’t in the right pose or other objects are in the way we must discard it from the set and move o to the next image.

We then attempt to run it through various programs to try and come up with the best solution for that particular performer and the type of photos she has available. This includes Stable Diffusion 1.5, 2.1, Waifu Diffusion, and Hassan Blent, 1.4. We won’t know which will perform best until each of these initial test runs are complete. To date, we’ve found the most stability and visually stunning results from Stable Diffusion 1.5, but that isn’t always the case. We’ve not had much luck at all with Stable Diffusion 2.1. Once we find out which model we like best and which is most stable to build from there. The entire process from start to finish per model could take days or weeks, depending on a variety of factors.  However that being said, once a model is complete, we can use it to generate new artistic renderings of that performer at any time with any number of styles or concepts. Then we generate new images we have to sort the good from the bad. Out of 100 attempts, 1 or 2 might be usable. 

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here you are welcome to contact us by clicking on the little contact link at the very top of this page. We’ll do our best to get back to you with an answer.

Kandy AI - Genearte AI Porn Stars
Kandy AI is the future of AI generated art. From hyper-realistic renderings to anime style drawings, we train AI on thousands of images of real adult stars and then create artisti renderings from those models.
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