All of our AI models are trained using ethically sourced datasets. We have legally licensed all the content from which we train our AI models. In addition, any actual human beings depicted in images or videos appearing on this website were at least 18 years old at the time those images or videos were produced.

Our AI models are considered a derivative work which is a work based on or derived from one or more already existing works. In other words, our AI models are trained on “work” previously done by adult performers of which they consented to perform in and signed the required model releases. All content that our company has legally licensed and rights to use.

A “derivative work” is a work based upon one or more preexisting works. Only the copyright owner has the right to make or authorize an adaptation of the original work.

AI-generated content has blown up recently, but there have been some issues. Mostly it’s that the datasets that generate the work consist almost entirely of art which is used without the consent of the artist or model. That’s not what we do or what we are about.

You can’t just take random photos you find off of the Internet and use them without the permission of the owner of that content. That’s like me going to your house and taking your car without permission. I mean, I only “borrowed it,” so what’s the big deal, right? Wrong! Taking something you down own without permission is theft. Every parent teaches their child that at an early age, and that includes photos and videos.

We decided to take a unique approach in the creation of our AI models and only train them based on the content we own or have acquired the rights to from models who consented to be in the content in the first place.

We are not producing “deep fakes” by taking the bodies of nude models and slapping them on the face of a celebrity. We only work with models who have legally consented to perform in the content that we used to train our datasets.

This is important because if you can’t prove that you own the rights to the source material, can you legally say you own the rights to the regenerated versions of the art?

Consent Matters!

Beyond that, we believe consent is key. All of the models we base our AI models on have consented to be in the content they’ve produced, which we’ve then legally licensed to use. The models are all over 18 years of age at the time they produced the content in question and have signed all the associated mode releases and consent forms.

This is what sets Kandy.AI apart from all other people producing AI-generated art. Well, that is beyond the quality of our work. We feel it’s important to go the extra step because we value consent.

Kandy AI - Genearte AI Porn Stars
Kandy AI is the future of AI generated art. From hyper-realistic renderings to anime style drawings, we train AI on thousands of images of real adult stars and then create artisti renderings from those models.
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